Caravan Relocation Services FAQs

How my caravan relocation services work?

The customer can use the phone services or use the online quote form. Once we agree on the quote and payment is made, I will allocate your job booking.

Can my belongings stay in the van?

Your personal things are able to stay in the van.

What legal requirements are needed to enable a booking?

The caravan must be fully registered and be Roadworthy with current third party Insurance and be safe to move. It can’t be overloaded beyond legal capacity, as regulated by LAW. Failure to adhere will result in cancellation of agreement.

Am I able to travel with vehicle?

You will be able to if you wish. Accommodation must be available along the trip.

How safe is my vehicle in operators hands?

I am qualified with 26 years of Transport Driving and Training behind me and 38 years in total driving.

Cost that may be involved

Airfares to or from the job.

Drivers fee until unit is re-located to destination.

Accommodation cost where applicable whilst services are engaged.

Do I need certain insurances?

I have all appropriate insurances in place to cover all areas, though you are to inform your Comprehensive Insurance company the vehicle is to be driven with your authorization by a licensed qualified operator.

Who pays for breakdowns?

The owner is responsible for cost that arise. To have a full quote provided you must supply year, model, style, length. [pop top, a van, conventional] and the tow weight for that type.

An approximate cost of fuel is included for each trip in the quote.

Any extra incurred cost for breakdowns (tyres) must be paid by the owner before vehicle is returned.

A pickup receipt will be available upon return to be signed by both party’s upon an inspection of all equipment to ensure all is in good condition with no damage or any further claims made by either party.

How soon can the job start?

Once quote is accepted and transfer of money is completed and any additional cost paid [airfares if required] and have booked first available flight. The possibility of the drive home can commence the same day of landing. There will be a visual check to be undertaken on vehicle [oil-water-tyres and any other requirements] before departing.

Before taking vehicle I require a signed contract of agreement and authorization completed.

I will take the safest and shortest route home keeping within all driving regulations. Only day time driving will be undertaken unless otherwise advised by the other party.

How is payment made?

By depositing all monies into a nominated account supplied. As soon as confirmation and proof of transfer or deposited, the job will be booked in. A receipt of monies received will be handed over when driver reaches vehicle.

Cheques are not accepted.

Places to stay over night?

To be able to keep costs down campsites that are free will be used overnight when needed providing the van is equipped. Otherwise caravan parks will be on request by party’s involved.

Who drives your pride and Joy?

Gary the sole owner and operator of Personalized Caravan Relocations will be the only person to drive. There are no other party’s involved in this process.

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