Campervan Relocation Services Australia

  • Comprehensive Insurance for your protection.

    Our comprehensive insurance covers all areas to offer you peace of mind while we’re moving your caravan. We do also suggest that you inform your Comprehensive Insurance company that you have authorised that the vehicle is to be driven by a licensed qualified operator.

  • Public Liability and Towing.

    Our public liability insurance covers any legal issues that may arise in the course of moving your caravan. This includes our customers and other members of the community that we may interact with on the journey. The insurance covers legal costs, loss or damage to property, and injury to a third party. Gary has access to a 4x4 with a tow rate of 3.5 ton or can drive your vehicle and van if required.

  • Covering all states and cities including:

    Our comprehensive service covers every State in Australia from capital cities to the outback. We tailor each journey to your specific requirements outlining expected tiomeframes to ensure there are no surprises. No matter what journey is required for your caravan, we have you covered.

  • Deal Direct with the owner.

    There are no middlemen. Gary has a wealth of driving experience and will bear sole responsibility for moving your caravan to its new location. Gary takes pride in his work, personally ensurirng that every move is as smooth as possibble. We never use juniors or outsource the relocation of your pride and joy.

  • Over 26 Years in Transport  driving, management, training.

    With over 26 years experience in driving medium to heavy transport around Australia, you can trust Gary to ensure your caravan gets to your chosen destination safely and on schedule.

  • Courteous – Experience – Professional.

    Gary will keep you informed throughout the process. You can rest assured, knowing the relocation is in the hands of an experienced professional. You will always be treated you with the courtesy, professionalism and respect you deserve.

  • Reliable Solutions for Stranded Travelers.

    Unfortunately you may find yourself stranded due to accident, personal injury or another emergency. Whenever you are unable to continue your journey, or simply have a change of plans, contact us for a free quote. We will get your caravan home with peace of mind.

  • No Hidden Cost Within Your Quotes.

    When we supply a quote, it always includes every forseeable cost. We believe that you should be well informed of what you are paying before upfront, and that the price will be honoured for the entire job. If your caravan has the required facilities, where possible, overnight stays are in free or low cost campsites or caravan parks.


If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ's page or contact us for a free quote.