25 November 2017
Putting my Business together took me 12 months to gather all of the information i needed to get the ball rolling. I seeked the help of Family to gather and run idea's to nut out how to put my site together so it would work to get all the information out there for all to see.I... Read More
15 October 2017
I am i on the Nomads Australia site through F/B and there was a message put up on the site to Relocate a van from South west rocks to Kureelpa on the sunshine coast Qld. I responded to it and has a call a couple of days later to enquire about move the van . I spoke to a lady by the name of Angie... Read More
28 August 2017
How The Caravan Events Show Have worked. I Had Kevin & Judy come up to me at the gold coast van show to find out about moving there van from main beach Southport to Boyds bay van park just over the border. I Discussed how i could help them out and the were more than happy to try my services... Read More
01 August 2017
As i was putting all of my Business together i looked into venturing into some of the Caravan shows around to see how i would go in getting the Business exposure through the busy Events. I looked into the sites that were around to contact & came across Australian Events, So i gave them a call... Read More
01 December 2016
Stay tuned... Read More