When you Can't do it your self.


I am i on the Nomads Australia site through F/B and there was a message put up on the site to Relocate a van from South west rocks to Kureelpa on the sunshine coast Qld. I responded to it and has a call a couple of days later to enquire about move the van . I spoke to a lady by the name of Angie who's van it was to be moved, we worked out the Details and date for the move and all went well . When i had arrived to the drop of point it was Greeted by her Brother inlaw & sister woh i found out later was the 1 that answered to the info i had put up on the site. Was a very wet day and had to contend with not being able to see out of my mirrors real good but we managed to position the van in the spot that it was to placed. Very lovely people to deal with & the were all happy the my work was done with ease.